We are thrilled you and your organisation are joining our social movement.

15 seconds 30 minutes aims to help anyone identify how they could spend a few extra seconds on a task now which will save someone else 30 minutes later on. In doing so you will reduce frustration and increase joy.

Joy in work has been proven to help staff to do their best and deliver safe and effective patient care. Improving joy is the key to retaining the workforce and reducing staff sickness. And who doesn’t want to enjoy coming to work every day!

We all know across organisation that trying to make a task as efficient as possible in one area can actually add time to someone further down the line. The people who know how to make the patient journey less frustrating are those on the front line – yes you! Often it can be difficult to know how to make the little changes you know can make a big difference.

15 seconds 30 minutes is a change platform which individual staff or patients or whole organsiations can use to release the value in every idea. To get started you don’t need a charter or formal plan or programme initiation document: its just individuals being empowered to do what they know is right for staff and patients.

So what are you waiting for! Let’s get started

Rachel & Dan