Something small can mean such a big thing, that’s why we love our 15s30m badges. Whether you’re a 15s30m hero yourself or just spreading the word of what we’re about then these are the badges for you! We usually give them out to spark the initial interest in 15s30m, the badges also have our website and twitter handle on them so people can look us up in their own time. We’re all about joy in work at 15s30m and these badges are a great way to start launching this social movement in your organisation (or even at home!)

The idea is that the badge will encourage others to launch a 15 second mission to save someone else 30 minutes (or more!) later on, reducing frustration and creating joy in work. Once they have launched their mission, they are awarded a little metal cog in reCOGnition – see opposite/below if you’re on mobile.

The badges can also be given out if you decide to run one of our workshops to encourage people to launch their mission and be proud to create joy in work.

The kind people at Quick Badge have added our badges to their pre-designed range.

Click here to order your badges today

Please note 15s30m is a not-for-profit social movement and we make no money on the badges.


Cogs are very important to us here at 15s30m, so much so that cogs even feature in our logo! We’re all cogs in the big health & social care machine, our actions have knock on effects for patients, colleagues and even ourselves. Just like other people’s actions also have the same knock on effect and so it goes on….but what if these actions were small acts of kindness, just 15 seconds should do it! And then someone else does the same, and then another, before you know it we’ve got benevolent cycles that grow and grow and can create great changes…..but only if we look after each other and keep enabling each other to keep turning, keep ticking over to keep the machine thriving, not just surviving.

The idea is that following a launch of yours of someone else’s 15 second mission, they are awarded a little metal cog to wear however is liked, on lanyards, attached to your badge, in your pocket or just in a keep safe as a reminder that you have created some good in the world. But remember you can only get a cog if you launch your 15 second mission!

If you like, once you’ve received your cog after launching your 15 second mission, we invite you to feature in the 15s30m hall of heroes on this website to share your story with potential new heroes!

We order the cogs off amazon who have a range of sellers. Prices are around £7 for 100 grams worth up to £12 for 200 grams worth;

Click here to order your cogs today

Please note 15s30m is a not-for-profit social movement and we make no money on the cogs.