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15 seconds 30 minutes (or 15s30m for short) aims to help anyone identify how they could spend a few extra seconds on a task now which will save someone else 30 minutes or more later on. In doing so you will reduce frustration and increase joy.

Joy in work has been proven to help staff to do their best and deliver safe and effective patient care. Improving joy is the key to retaining the workforce and reducing staff sickness. And who doesn’t want to enjoy coming to work every day!

15s30m is a change platform which individual staff or patients or whole organsiations can use to release the value in every idea.  To get started you don’t need a charter or formal plan or programme initiation document: its just individuals being empowered to do what they know is right for staff and patients.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What is a 15s30m Mission?

We all know across organisations that trying to make a task as efficient as possible in one area can actually add time to someone further down the line. The people who know how to make the patient journey less frustrating are those on the front line – yes you! Often it can be difficult to know how to make the little changes you know can make a big difference.

We call these tasks 15s30m Missions and anyone from Chief Executive to Porter can get involved.

But don’t be limited by these ideas- you will know the best way to improve joy in your area – you can download your mission pack here but don’t forget to think TARDIS when making your own 15s30mMission

Check out our YouTube channel to see our top 15s30m Missions that you could do tomorrow in your organisation, click the button below.

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We are thrilled you and your organisation are joining our social movement.

You can

Follow us on twitter @15s30m to hear the latest missions, share your ideas and link with others doing the same

Download our workshop materials and run a 15s30m workshop in your organisation

Launch a mission: you can come up with your own idea. Here’s a Mission Pack you can use to help you – remember to think TARDIS for ideas which work well. If you need inspiration, check out our YouTube channel for some simple ideas any organisation can try, or our list of 15s30m 100 mission list tidied. And don’t forget to tweet or email us to say what you’ve done!

Become a 15s30m Hero by starting a 15s30m Mission which spreads to other people

Book a virtual catch up session with Dan & Rachel via our contact form.

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How it all began

15s30m began as a quality improvement project; a new way of engaging staff with QI but without the need for training or any understanding of what “QI” is.
The inspiration began with a washbasket: every night Maddie (Rachel’s daughter) is asked to put away all the clothes from her floor and bed and chair before she goes to bed. Her usual approach is to put everything, clean or dirty, into her wash basket. “If you just spent 15 seconds putting your clean sock in the drawer, or hanging your clean jeans up on the hanger, you would save your dad and I half an hour week in laundry time, and that’s time we could be spending with you!” Maddie was doing what I’d asked, but the way she was doing it was causing lots of extra work.
Many people will sympathise with this story: either the exact scenario, or a parallel one at work – if a member of staff took a slightly different approach, perhaps taking a few seconds longer, it could save a lot of other people time later on.

Most Quality Improvement initiatives begin with a training programme, introduction to a new language, bewildering terms like PDSA, driver diagrams, run charts: to many staff this is overwhelming and the sense of having to adhere to a complicated set of rules and procedures before they can make change. While these aspects are important for many Qi projects, they push the smaller, immediate, frontline ideas out. 15s30m is “quality improvement bitesize”, QI for people who don’t think QI is meant for them, or for people who are tired of trying to have their idea heard.


There’s lots of ways to join our social movement
• Follow us on twitter @15s30m
• Share a mission using our mission pack
• Email info@15s30m.co.uk for some help and ideas to launch in your organisation

But start small: don’t think about how you’ll get the message out to 1000s of staff: just pick one small area and make a start!



We have followers all over the world, and 15s30m has been presented at national and international events such as NHS Improvement Workforce, International Quality & Safety Forum in Amsterdam, and the Institute of Health Improvement Meeting in Orlando.


Our first wave of heroes in the UK are in trusts in Cornwall, Wigan and York.

We are involved with #project A and the Ambulance Service, as well as the Yorkshire Improvement Academy Quality Trainers programme.

If you would like us to help you be part of #secondwave, please invite us to visit. info@15s30m.co.uk or via twitter @15s30m


There’s loads of evidence to show that joy in work is the key to delivering safe and effective care to patients. The NHS, and many other health care organisations, have a workforce issue: high sickness rates, agency staff overspends and difficulty retaining the current workforce
By helping staff feel connected to their work, to see how they are making a difference, especially if they are not front line, we can improve their work life.

Many healthcare organisations are undergoing large scale change; typically this is “top down” with high level managers making decisions and then expecting the workforce to deliver improvements. 15s30m believe that the most effective change, the one that ‘sticks’ and continues, is change which is suggested by and started by the workforce itself.

Frontline staff know best how to do the job they ar doing: why it’s frustrating and often how to fix it. We help them voice their ideas and get them running: in and doing so improve the emotional connection peopl have to their work.

More on Joy In Work – IHI white paper




DAN WASDWORTH @danwod – Transformation Manager at TeleTracking International

Dan is an established leader with over 13 years’ experience in operational settings in NHS Trusts and NHS regulatory organisations. His personable, situational and inclusive leadership style has enable him to deliver quality improvements in very challenged NHS environments.

He is currently working at TeleTracking enabling patient flow via technology & transformational solutions. Previously worked at Bradford with Rachel on large scale change projects and operationally running Outpatient admin services, medical record departments and back office management.

Never one to sit still for a moment, Dan is frequently to be found laughing and squeezing every moment out of life with family and friends in his beautiful West Yorkshire village of Haworth.

RACHEL PILLING @miss_pilling – Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Rachel has worked as a children’s eye specialist in Bradford for over ten years, and began her Quality Improvement journey in 2015. Discovering Joy in Work, and sharing that with others, has become a passion. Along with a drive to improve eye health inequalities for adults and children with special needs, Rachel has a prominent national voice in paediatric eye care in the UK.

Outside of work, Rachel enjoys singing loudly, walking quickly and dancing inelegantly, all to the great embarrassment of her husband and daughter.

Rachel & Dan were winners of the NHS Improvement Sir Peter Carr Award 

The Theory

The QI theory behind 15s30m

What is QI and how does it link to 15s30m?

The 15s30m Festivals

15s30m has facilitated x2 festivals so far, taking large groups of people through the ins and outs of 15s30m, how it all began, going through a 15s30m workshop and allowing staff to launch their mission ideas while at the festival. We like to focus on facilitating these festivals to allow whoever is hosting the festival to also speak/present/do a dance! As long as it creates joy and inspires others to do so, that’s all we care about!

Would you like to host the next festival? Well get in touch and lets start planning!

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