Where’s your #WobbleRoom?

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What is a #wobbleroom

A #wobble room is a place to go for a few minutes to share worries, shout out loud, have a little cry, scream, or just sit quietly

Feeling angry, sad, frustrated, scared, overwhelmed, tearful – these are all NORMAL reactions to a very ABNORMAL situation we find ourselves in.

It doesn’t need to be a big space, it needs only a couple of chairs. You don’t need to book an appointment – just let someone know you’re have a few minutes out.These are extraordinary times and we all need to have space for a little ‘wobble’ every now and again.

Why do you need a #WobbleRoom

There’ s lot of worry, anxiety, uneasiness about. If we don’t let it out, we carry it round with us – like bricks in a backpack, keep it scrunched up inside like cramp, or have it hanging over us like a dark cloud. Finding a way to release it doesn’t mean its not important; but it does then give space for  the positive – and there will be lots of positive – noticing the teamwork, compassion, kindness and generosity which is all around us.

Packing away these emotions, bundling them up and deciding to think about it later works in the short term – but we’re in this for the long haul. Finding a way to let out some of the angst and distress will help us feel refreshed and ready for the next challenge.

What do you need inside a #wobbleroom?

Its up to you really; but here is a set of cards you might like to download as an idea of a way for staff to respond.NHS – Card 1.pdf






So how do I get started?

Here’s how
1) write Wobble Room on a piece of paper
2) stick it on a door
3) tell people about it
4) listen without judgement and with compassion

If you look on twitter for #wobbleroom you’ll see some great examples…







Is it just for clinical staff?

A #wobbleroom is for anyone – like @15s30m – from porter to chief exec.  It gives leaders the chance to show compassion and kindness, in and amongst the more directive leadership which is necessary with change on such a rapid and vast scale.

Who do I have to thank for all this?

The genius coaching talent of @TillaBrook, the amazing (and very swift!) design skills of @thinkingV and the impatient-we-have-to-do-something-now energy of @miss_pilling

Topped by the enduring support of @BTHFT Bradford Teaching Hospitals.

It is our privilege and pleasure