How to launch 15s30m in TEN DAYS

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Have you heard about 15s30m but wondered how you’d find the time to get started?

Are you itching to launch in your trust but are struggling to find a project manager?

Well. Wonder and struggle no more! We are delighted to feature this guest blog from Sarah Wilson and her team at Northampton.

It shows how in 10 days (YES TEN DAYS!!) she and her team went from zero-to- 15s30m-hero.

Day 0– Inspired Festival Day.  Came along, not really knowing much about 15s30m but was intrigued by twitter and decided to join the festival with a colleague.  We were inspired by the energy in the room, peoples’ commitments and the small change big impact stories to reduce frustration and increase joy at work.

Day 1 – Be brave Loads of ideas in the car on the way home, with a decision to test it out with our senior staff members in an upcoming meeting, hijacking the usual agenda and running a 15s30m workshop with them instead.

Day 3 – Encouraged It’s the start of National Occupational Therapy Week, feeling really buoyant as the theme for OT week was ‘Small Change, Big Impact’ and couldn’t have been more apt!

Day 4 – Planning Workshop planning afternoon, we had a great time looking through the videos and resources on the website.  Printed off the mission packs, tweaked the PowerPoint slides and purchased the colourful cogs toy from amazon.  Emailed for the link to purchase metal cogs and to update you on our plans

Day 6 – Create a buzz Sent out an invitation to the senior staff deliberately keeping it vague to build intrigue and removed the 15s30m from your logo so they wouldn’t look up info before the day – we wanted it to be completely new!

Day 7 – Take every opportunity “Love this!” e-mail back from a staff member about the meeting agenda / invite…we knew the invite had captured attention! Phonecall with the Head of Organisational Development about another issue, used the opportunity to tell her about the festival, our plans for a workshop and suggested it would be great to look at how we could spread joy wider in the Trust.


Day 10 – Go for it!Held our first workshop.  Staff were super engaged (they particularly liked the ‘why do you work here’ exercise) and at the end we talked as a group how we could take it further with our teams.

Some of the missions that have been completed so far are:

–          Keeping a small whiteboard up to date with the team’s meetings written on for that week – stops confusion and people asking if x meeting is on and what time it starts.

–          Tidying a shared desk and keeping it tidy x 2 missions – shared desk spaces can be sooooooooo frustrating

–          Tidying a drawer and ensuring sufficient photocopies of assessment forms – always going to the drawer and finding none left not only out you in a bad mood, but it wastes time as you then have to log into the computer to find the copy and print off…

–          Updating email contacts list to include new members of the team and take off old members – new staff feeling frustrated that sometimes they didn’t get team e-mails

–          Writing up ward round decisions and rationale on 1 sheet of paper and giving to the nurses in charge after the meeting to communicate decisions quicker than having to look back at each patients’ notes separately.

–          Every time a form is found on the computer ready to be printed off, to add the folder name at the bottom so that next time it can be found easier on the system.

And to support teams we’ve set up a ‘15s30m Mission Hero Group’ whats app to share progress with missions as staff are across two sites and teams.  Great fun to share photographic evidence of some missions

Since then we’ve gone on to plan for the next 30 days

What’s next…We will launch with full teams in the New Year as positive start to 2020 (each team lead deciding how to launch with their teams – creative ideas for ‘Spread the Joy’ boards in the office afoot…)

My mission is to not keep the joy just to my team – that would be selfish, so watch this space for my meeting with the head of organisational development on Monday!

Sarah Wilson

Service Manager for Inpatient Mental Health Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

If you’d like to know how you could launch @15s30m in your organisation, get in touch with Rachel&Dan, or pop over to the workshop page of the website