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A Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust write up by Chief Executive Professor Clive Kay, produced by the Bradford Hospitals communication team.


I WAS delighted to hear that the inaugural 15 Seconds, 30 Minutes Festival proved a big triumph – and was described by one NHS
leader as a “shining light” with the potential to go worldwide!
Winners of the 2017 Sir Peter Carr Award, our own Dr Rachel Pilling
and Dan Wadsworth are the driving force behind the initiative.
It aims to reduce frustration and bring joy by encouraging NHS
staff to take an extra 15 seconds to complete a task now – and
save someone else 30 minutes later on.

Their message has proven a popular one, with staff from health
service organisations as far afield as Cornwall attending the festival,
which took place at the Listening for Life Centre.

And from what I hear, Rachel and Dan’s inspirational message is already making waves!
Gareth Sharkey, a Clinical Supervisor and Paramedic at Yorkshire Ambulance Service and an NHS Quality Improvement Fellow, said he had attended the festival because he was intrigued by the 15 Seconds 30 Minutes project. He said: “It’s been really good to hear some of the things that have been talked about. A lot of stuff has given me food for thought. I am still very new to QI but there have been
some really inspirational experts here to learn from today.”

And freelance leadership coach Tilla Brook told me: “What I have really loved about it is the variety of people that have come along because of their passion for creating change and sharing what they know. I have met people I have known on Twitter for years. “There is a fantastic healthcare network that I am part of but sometimes you need that one-to-one contact. It’s also been great for making connections that I can follow up.”


The festival included an introduction to the 15 Seconds, 30 Minutes philosophy, a workshop, stalls where delegates could learn from expert QI practitioners plan-and-pitch sessions, and an interactive presentation from leadership coach Tilla.

Rachel and Dan told me: “Today has been the realisation of a dream we had a year ago. We’ve learnt such a lot from people we’ve met along the way and are delighted that so many of them have come
along to share their expertise with our festival attendees.“15 Seconds, 30 Minutes works by
encouraging any member of staff to think of a quick idea they can start today, which doesn’t need
any planning, permission or set up and can reduce frustration and increase joy for staff and patients.

“We’ve already received messages on Twitter from staff who’ve made changes – like filling up a pool car with petrol atthe end of the day so it’s ready for the next driver; colour coding keys and cupboards so it’s easier to find the right key straight away; or simply taking paper to refill the photocopier or fax machine.”

Keynote speaker Helen Bevan,Chief Transformation Officer at
NHS Horizons, travelled fromthe Midlands to unlock the change agent in delegates and spoke about the importance of networking.
She said: “I truly love what’s happening here today and look forward to seeing the 15 Seconds, 30 Minutes message spread not just around England but the world. “I think that 15 Seconds, 30 Minutes is a shining light and the work they are doing is really amazing. I am very happy to be able to support them.”

Helen urged the 15 Seconds, 30 Minutes festival-goers to seize the
day, challenge the status quo and be a catalyst for change.
“A lot of people I work with say I cannot do very much because I have not got the power or the authority, but there is a lot of evidence that says that is not the case. People who are highly connected have twice as much power to influence change as people with hierarchical power.

“In an organisational system just three per cent of people influence 85 per cent of other people. We
need to be part of the three per cent or connected to them.“Empower yourself or your staff to be the voice of your organisation. Our patients cannot wait. We need to realise how powerful we are,
challenge the status quo and go for it.”