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What does 15s30m mean?

15s30m stands for 15 seconds, 30 minutes – taking a few extra seconds at the start of a process can save someone a lot of time further along, reducing frustration and increasing joy at work.

Aim –>1- To create a social movement / change platform

2 -To empower NHS staff and users to undertake change

3 -To enable staff to experience joy at work, reduce frustration and help others.

15s30m is the brainchild of Daniel Wadsworth and Rachel Pilling. Across their organisation (Bradford Teaching Hospital), they could see times when the strive for efficiency in every step of a pathway had backfired and time was inadvertently being lost by reworking or wasted clinical time later on.Instead they identified how spending a little more time on certain tasks could save other people lots of time further down the line, and create a better experience for the patient.These small 15 second changes can not only save 30 minutes for another member of staff or patient, but also reduce frustration and in doing so improve patient experience, increase job satisfaction and joy at work.It’s QI for staff who don’t know what QI is!We’re calling on all staff to show their inner hero, to show and tell us the little changes which can make a big difference to colleagues and patient care.


  • Put on your auto reply when you are away so someone isn’t waiting for a reply which won’t come
  • Make sure your extension number is correct on email so people can get in touch with the right person first time
  • Double check a patient’s phone number and write it down if you are asking someone to contact them for an appointment/admission
  • Or simply refill the kettle and put it on to boil if there’s no water left so it’s ready for the next person!

There are lots of ways to be involved• Follow us on Twitter @15s30m• Share your idea via Twitter @15s30m with #15s30m• Send your ideas to our email account

Tell us when you’ve done a 15s30m task. Every staff member who sends in an idea will receive our exclusive 15s30m lanyard. What could you do differently tomorrow by spending 15 extra seconds on a task? Release your inner 15s30m hero!

*Website coming soon!*