Dan and Rachel’s Improvement Year

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So with Summer over, Dan and I have begun work in earnest on our 15s30m project, made some new friends, and have two people we’d like to introduce you to….

Meet Captain Access and Miss Specstacular!

The overriding aim of 15s30m is to show all staff how they can be a hero at work, to do small things to help other

people, be that colleague or patient, and increase Joy at work. Being advocates of “show not tell” we have put ourselves forward to be the first 15s30m heroes and, thanks to @sonia_sparkles our very talented colleague, have been immortalised in cartoon form.

Our alter egos, Captain Access and Miss Specstacular will be using our QI superpowers to seek out and share 15s30m activities going on in our trust and inducting the newest members of our superhero family. We’re discovering staff who’ve already done 15s30m projects and have a few ideas of how everyone in the trust can get involved.

Team 15s30m

We are gathering our team to help launch 15s30m in the trust; having linked in with the trust QI and Transformation team, we’ve also developed a Comms strategy with the aptly named Jason Joy which will start next month. The cumbersome driver diagram has been converted into a slick project plan and with timelines emerging it’s all feeling very real indeed!

Count it, capture it, measure it

A key factor for us will be measuring the impact 15s30m has on staff – but how do you measure Joy?! It turns out there’s loads of great resources out there. The Academy of Fabulous Stuff “Fab-o-meter” for example is a great app which we plan to use as an informal measure of joy.


The SPC gang

At the start of September we were invited to meet with the SPC finalists at the NHS Leadership Academy in Leeds. The exceptional @mikechitty put us though our paces and gave us plenty to think about: What is leadership? What is the ideal me? How flamboyant will Mike’s skirt be at our next session? As well as learning lots about ourselves and our personal development needs, it was clear that we will be able to support each other through this year and tap into our collective resources to progress our individual projects.

Sound bites and straplines

One of the biggest learning curves has been understanding how to start a social movement. It’s not something you learn at medical school or on any NHS management development course! Julian Stodd’s “First 100 days” has been invaluable, and drawing inspiration from other trusts who’ve been there, done that such as Central Manchester Foundation Trusts “What matters to me” campaign.

Putting together a list of tweets, soundbites and tags from which we can draw has been very uplifting and we’d recommend an afternoon trawling inspirational quote websites if you ever feel you need a lift!  We’ve shortlisted some candidates for the 15s30m strapline and can’t wait to reveal the winner in our next blog post….watch this space!

Coming soon…..

The real work is about to begin! Our workshop development team are chomping at the bit, we’ve a website to finalise and we can’t wait to get down to the serious business of ordering branded stationery ready for our launch.

We’re looking forward to telling you all about it next time

Rachel Pilling Consultant Ophthalmologist
Daniel Wadsworth Deputy Head of Access
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Footnote: *15s30m is a quality improvement initiative aimed at increasing joy in the workplace by reducing frustration and improving patient experience: imagine if everyday was a “great” day; by identifying actions which take us only a few seconds but save someone else half an hour further down the line, we can improve not only patient experience, but improve our job satisfaction by doing something to help someone else, knowing that somewhere else, someone is doing something to help us. Have an idea you think we’d love? Email us at info@15s30m.co.uk

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