What does 15s30m mean?

15s30m stands for 15 seconds, 30 minutes – taking a few extra seconds at the start of a process can save someone a lot of time further along, reducing frustration and increasing joy at work.

Is this just for clinical staff?

It for everyone, from porter to chief executive, and includes patient and those working outside our organisations –  Anything you can think of which would save time and reduce frustration elsewhere.

But I'm so busy, how can I find the extra time?

15s30m is a cycle – so your extra 15 seconds is helping someone else, and somewhere else in the organisation, someone will be spending 15 seconds to save you time. You may not ever see that person or be directly aware, much like the person you are helping may not know what you are doing.

I still don't quite see how this helps patients?

There’s loads of evidence to show that if staff are less frustrated at work they feel pride in what they are doing, they are able to do fulfil their role effectively. They then provide better care for patients who have the best experience possible and better outcomes.

So what sort of ideas are you looking for?

We have a list of ideas on our website or follow us on Twitter @bthft or 15s30m– it can be simple things like checking your contact number is correct on email so people don’t spend time trying to find it, double checking paperwork before its sent to make sure it’s complete, restocking ward equipment when it’s running low so someone else isn’t caught out in an emergency – or simply refilling the kettle once it’s empty so everyone has a brew ready when they need one. It can be something you are already doing that you think other people could adopt to help them, or something you’ve always thought could make a difference but not known how to put it into action.

I've had an idea – what do I do now?

We’d love to hear from you – email us on 15s.30m@bthft.nhs.uk and we can help you get it up and running. Tell us even if you’ve borrowed an idea from the list – we are keen to come and see changes in action and find out how it’s improved you and your colleagues working day.